Clientele: The greatest indicator of the future is the past and we have a history worth repeating. How do we know this? Because many our clients have come back to have us build for them again.  That is the best endorsement we can ask for.

Experience / Guidance: There are very few feelings as exciting as walking through the front door of your brand new home for the first time. We know this and we will guide you toward that goal through each and every step of the process. We have been a home builder serving the middle Georgia area since 1992 and our experienced team of professionals will be there with you throughout the entire process. This consistent communication will keep the construction “on plan” and enable you to enjoy being part of the process. We believe that you should never be left to wonder what is happening with your new home construction.

We also offer a number of different services including but not limited to additions, remolding, and construction management services. Our company is here to serve you.   We do just about everything you need to keep home in tip top shape.